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Friday, 2 April 2010


elaine said blogger is for kids. hahaha. so i've "moved".

there's a reason (: read the first entry if you're interested!

i might come back here once in awhile if i feel like it. (:

i'm loving life (:

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Saturday, 13 March 2010
blessed. (:

i've been sleeping really late this week =/
if i'm not mugging, i'm doing really random things. haha.

back from supper not long ago with my ark buddies (: it's been consecutively 3 friday nights that we're meeting! :D really really feeling awesome!

from an incident that happened this week, i realised that i've friends around who really cares about me and understood me. really felt very blessed and touched. (: that's what friends are for? (:

i'm a person who really treasure friendships (candy is so right! (: i read the msg and i'm like.. there's someone who really knows me so well <3!), even if you're not really nice to me, i'll try to be nice. hahaha. yes. TRY ah.

i always believed that friendship is reciprocal and has to be mutual. i'm someone who really put in alot of efforts to maintain a friendship...and i believe that i'm here to bring smiles and happiness to my friends' life :D

i'm blessed cause i've a great family, parents who really care for me and know me soooo well... i'm really very thankful! and i have a very cute dad. he wanted to buy tickets for me for jam's concert cause he knows that i'm freaking upset about the whole incident, and i'm like "NO I DONT WANT. forget it! i'm gonna only spend money for one person's concert and get the best seat. you can pay for me if the person is ever gonna have a concert".. and my dad instantly goes like.. "shi kang jun ah.. okay lo!". HAHAHA. :P i love my daddy!

yes, jones is coming back. real soon! & i'll transform to be the number 1 fan. muahahaha!

anyway, yea.. i guess after this whole week of bad luck (seriously, i think i stepped on some dog shit or something! and flora as well!), good luck is approaching me! i hope next week will be a much more better week (:

okay gotta sleep! chingay appreciation later, thou i'm going to clear all the admin stuffs =S then it's hello to mr rockerrrrrr! 老天真的是在作弄我,我们还是蛮有缘分的嘛! hahaha. really, thanks to all the people who've helped me in one way or another. even by replying the sms, i'm touched enough already (:

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

i just wanna say thank you my ambs buddies (: you know who you are!

& to zhiheng, who never fails to make me laugh when i'm down. good job son!! (:

& jean, janice, jaron, sam, lionel. thank you for the concern. & lydia, km, for listening.

it's really heartening to know that there's still people around whom really cares. i'm really thankful. really.

at this point in time, i'm very calm. & i've been reflecting on my emotions. i'm quite sucky in controling them cause i'm already freaking tired.

i need to meet up with alot of people soon. (: my true friends! <3

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so much for always being there when needed.

i'm really speechless now.

so okay, at least i know what's really going on. (i hope so)

but.. it's just.. so... irritating. what is this man seriously.

are you surprised? yes, i am, very. but you can't do anything to help me right. can you?

maybe i'm just not fated with him lah. 1 year ago, it was like that as well.

sometimes, it's really about the team dynamics and attachment you know, and how much this could really hurt. and yes, i'm very upset. very, very.

blame me on my freaking bad luck.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

having a roller coaster ride of emotions.

many things have indeed changed... and i think i've grown up too fast over the past few months. good and bad.

yesterday night was meet up with my ark buds. went to this nice restaurant at ION called canton 1. uncle loy's recommendation. the food was tasty! (: and the time spent with them is loved. next fri, outing again! woohoo.

it was refresher course at SIS today then to weiting's 21st birthday party.

i really felt super happy to be back at SIS. haven't been there for almost one month. it's like i'm missing something! i really can't wait to work (hopefully this coming sat!).. i think i'm weird, but i really enjoyed working there and it's the sense of statisfication and happiness i get whenever i'm there.. nice and fun people!! (: now i've got kheng, zy and dejun in somemore. it's like woohoo. but okay, i'm also kinda worried now in a sense that.. i cannot abandon them, but at the same time.. i wanna spend time with the friends i made there as well. =/ anyway, refresher was good today. i just felt really really happy there.. perhaps SIS has this special oxygen called happiness filling up the place. hahaha. i'm just very very me there, no pretense, no stress, i can just be myself there. (:

it was a little weird at weiting's party.. cause.. it's like majority of the people i don't know! haha. but it's really great catching up with zaylene, chuming & angel. (: and of course a very very little short catch up with weiting cause the bday princess was busy changing her pretty outfits and enjoying herself (: don't get me wrong, i'm happy that she's enjoying herself, and totally alright to be like "left alone". it's her party of course she needs to enjoy it! (: makes me wonder how would my 21st be like. hmmmm.

i miss 戏剧 days. we got together because of drama.. and i can feel that our passion for drama is still very very strong though we might not be doing drama now. thou we haven't seen each other for like almost more than 2 years, but there wasn't any awkwardness.. it's really friends like that that you know they'll be there for life time. (: i've promised that i'll really really make time to attend the outings in the future! 中正戏剧精神长存! <3 you all! weiting, i hope you had a greeeeaaaaat night!! and really thanks for the invite! i'm super touch that i'm not forgetten. heehee.

it's really a day with many emotions.. i was on the way home and doing some reflecting on the train...and i realised i'm so overwhelmed with many different emotions. & surprisingly, i'm aware of them and dealing with them well. social work training is working!! ahhah, yes! my drama khakis were damn surprised when i told them i'm majoring in social work now. hahaha. okay, i've changed the wrong perceptions of socialwork in few more people's mind! woo.

i'm seriously killing myself. test is in 2 days time and i feel no sense of motivation to study. sigh! =/ and it's freaking 12 chapters. gosh. i'm damn sad i can't work tomorrow and on tuesday for SIS lah. sian. cause need to mug, and tues i end school at 6pm. hai. okay. i'll attempt to go study now while i upload the photos taken today!

yes, did i tell you.. i'm super into my 16:9 photo taking now. hahahaha. i need to save up to get a DSLR.

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Thursday, 25 February 2010
a new beginning (:

so.. chingay ended. (finally!)

the two parade days were very very tiring. don't see we just sit at the tentage the whole day like nothing to do..we're really damn busy. seriously very very draining. i didn't manage to go flora's house to pai nian on sunday cause i was feeling damn unwell. =/ sigh! i was looking so forward la! =(

okay, i'm honestly glad that everything is ending. though chingay ended, but we still got quite a lot to do for admin.

i'll reflect on the whole thing after leaders' appreciation. not really in the mood to do so now. haha. but well, i really learnt a lot these few months.

on a happier note, HUI MEI IS BACK ;D

i guess the picture is getting clearer now. i know what i want. everything seems to be ... alright.

i'm really looking forward to the social work camp and yea, i'm taking up the admin & treasury head post. HAHAHA. i felt after chingay, nothing else will be able to kill me. furthermore, yea, the momentum is still there, so JUST DO IT! (: i really just wanna contribute la. it's time for me to be involved in school's stuff already and i'm glad i'm taking this move tgt with jean (:

okay and then now i'm considering if i should join arts camp as OGL anot. HAHA.

and.. NDP.. should i volunteer again?

sigh. need to really think about these. me being me - can't stand not being busy. HAHAHA. but i'll be going for my field placement during the holidays.. which means i might not have so much time and energy =/ and i only want to go for things which i'm very sure i can really commit. OH! and there's YOG. arggghhh.

i really missed NDP days a lot. even till now. if only i can work with the whole blue sector volunteers' again this year...okay, maybe not everyone, but at least most of my leaders.. and the super enthu volunteers. but well, things do not always go the way i wish. shall see how again. (:

alrighty, i need to start mugging! two MTT the upcoming weeks! really need to start to study already...

oh! and today was steamboating with kheng, mel & zh. simply awesome (:
and and.. ytd night was dinner with wendy, elanie and eunice (nisha & jalyn pangseh!!) at chinatown. a total different experience. hahaa. would be months later that i'll see the girls again! sigh. at least we met up a few times when you two are back here (: these friends are gonna stay for life!

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